Video courtesy of Ney Grant

The Alma Luminosa clinic is located on the Los Pinos ranch in San Quintin, Baja, Mexico. San Quintin is on the Pacific Ocean (approximately 160 miles south of Tijuana). The paved landing strip is conveniently co-located on the Los Pinos ranch.


Alma Luminosa has a dental clinic 3 chairs and a medical clinic with 3 exam rooms. Vision tests and eyeglass distribution are done in the medical clinic. The clinic can provide ultrasounds and EKGs. The optimal crew is 2-3 Physicians, 2 dentists, 1-2 dental assistants, 1-2 nurses, and an optometrist or audiologist. we also need 2-3 interpreters.


We leave on Friday morning and arrive at Los Pinos in the afternoon. The hotel is a 5-10 minute drive from the Los Pinos ranch. Friday evenings dinner is frequently street tacos. The clinic is operated on Saturday. Saturday evening's dinner is typically at one of San Quintin's delicious restaurants. We depart aby 7:30AM on Sunday, arriving back at the home airport in the early afternoon. 


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